Who am I?

My name is Dwayne Bandy, and I started working with metal through chainmaille in the early 90's.  I pride myself on the quality of my work, and strive to bring that quality to every piece I produce.  I began studying jewelry in 2008 as an extension of my metal sculpture and welding work.  Ever since my first class, I was hooked.  I now work full time as a professional jeweler, and love to incoporate my interests into each piece.  I have a love of mixed metals and try to incorporate several different materials and techniques into each unique piece.

Why Monkfish Forge?

I stumbled on the monkfish (aka anglerfish, headfish, and more) quite by accident some years ago, and I've liked the odd little things ever since. Combined with my planted aquaria hobby, it just seemed like a natural fit, and since the actual critters are so bizarrely strange and ugly,  what's not to love?