Hand-forged and created items ranging from art sculpture to functional items.
Hand Wrought Copper Vessel
Hand wrought from a single flat sheet of copper, and finished with a peanut oil patina.
Hand Wrought Copper Bowl
This bowl was hand wrought from a single sheet of flat copper, and given a peanut oil patina finish.
Chainmaille American Flag
Hand made chainmaille American Flag, in anodized and acid-etched aluminum. Approximately 9" x 13"
Chain Mail Dice Bags
Roughly the size of a softball, these little bags carry many things!
Monkfish Gem Box
Cast from a custom formed wax, set with a cubic zirconia and amethyst.
Monkfish Gem Box
Another view with the lid open.
Copper Bowl
Shaped copper bowl with a forged solid steel sphere base.
Iron Sculpture Box
Hand forged, welded and shaped.
Iron Sculpture Box
Assembled with the lid placed on top.